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After a great deal of deliberation I have decided to move to

Also a new Twitter site @PGDelaney will complement the new website.

As of today – 20th August 2016 – this website is NO LONGER in use. Please follow

P G DELANEY – A World of Creativity

The reasons are many, although a primary factor was to personalise the domain name and in doing so more effectively connect my name to my work.…

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Byron Palmer to create artwork for #TWDOA

The White Dagger of Albathon – #TWDOA

Great news :good: I’ve sought the incredible talents of local freelance artist, Mr Byron Palmer. I wasn’t sure if he’d be willing to take on the job but was delighted when he stepped up to the plate.…

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The White Dagger of Albathon

At last I’ve been able to settle on the title of this new fantasy novel, my wife liked it – there was no silent pause – usually a giveaway that something is amiss, instead I received a spontaneous and  reassuring affirmation that I had chosen well.…

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A fantasy novel is on the way!

When my better half bought me an iPad pro for Christmas, I was delighted and could envisage so many ways that it could help me with the website and my photography. Just over 6 months later I can certainly say I’ve put the tablet to good use but never imagined that I would start to write a fantasy novel.…

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iphone 5se ~ Photography and Video

I wanted to see if a modern smart phone could ‘cut the mustard’ with photography and video. Having recently bought an iphone 5se I decided to put it to the test. It’s good to know that ios10, which is due in the autumn, will cater for RAW photography.…

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Polo Tournament ~ Getting the shot

The Summer Tournament at Leadenham Polo Club took place this last weekend and I thought I’d share a few images and my tips on how to get that action shot. I was using a Nikon D750 with the Sigma 180mm F2.8 macro lens, a fairly specialised lens, but nonetheless one that works well as a medium range telephoto prime.…

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Clincher or Tubeless?

The more I ride puncture free on clinchers the more a quiet nagging voice tells me that I’m overdue a flat tyre. I have been on a ride in the past and have suffered 4 flats within 30 miles on tyres that were in good condition, on the flip side I have done many months of riding without a problem.…

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Le Tour 2016

I can barely perceive what an unbelievable physical and mental challenge it must be to race in Le Tour. Sadly, what never fails to irritate me are the lengths that some spectators will go to in order to demonstrate to the world what complete and utter muppets they are!…

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A quick recommend on cycling clothing here. If you’re looking for some really cool cycling gear then do have a look at Cycology. I speak from experience as I recently acquired a cycling jersey and shorts (and a T-Shirt) from this company.  …

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The Global Cycling Network

As a first ‘information post’ in the dedicated cycling section of SurroundingLIGHT I wanted to give a BIG thumbs up to GCN! :good:

Their informative videos on YouTube are in my opinion outstanding and have helped me with my bike maintenance enormously.…

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Leadenham Polo May 2016

This last weekend saw one of several polo tournaments that take place at the Leadenham Polo Club. The pitch is huge, and I mean HUGE. So with my Sigma Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM telephoto lens my ‘sphere of influence’ is quite limited and I have to wait until the run of the match favours where I happen to be standing…I wait…and wait, until eventually a group of manic riders head my way in pursuit of a small white ball.…

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Lincoln Grand Prix Cycling ~2016

Congratulations to all the competitors!  If any of the Teams or Team Riders wish to use my images then please copy what you want, i.e. help yourselves, I would only ask that you are kind enough to credit me with taking the image (Pete Delaney –…

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Printing and Profiling

When it comes to printing the amateur photographer perhaps fall into 3 camps, those who print their work at home, those who pay to have have their prints done commercially and those who don’t print (but perhaps now and again would like to).…

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Chester and Edgar House

It was a wonderful surprise from my wife when I was told we were going to Chester and staying at Edgar House (our second visit) and a great opportunity to photograph the City and the places we visited along the way.  …

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Matting and Framing

Here’s a great tutorial from Mr Robert Rodriguez Jr.

There are plenty of tips in this video that will help you understand how to put together a beautiful picture frame, and whilst you may not have the professional equipment that Robert uses you can buy relatively inexpensive products (cutting blades, mats, steel rulers etc) that will help you achieve similar results.…

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Year of The Premium Compacts

Compact cameras are great to just take with you everywhere, they’re not cumbersome and some will even fit into your jeans pocket. They might not produce the kind of image quality that your DSLR will, but hey, the premium compacts are still way better than your mobile phone camera!…

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Nik Software ~ Now Free

It’s not often an amateur photographer gets something for nothing…cameras cost, printers cost, computers cost…etc, etc… BUT, today is very different and it’s all thanks to Google (go figure)! The highly acclaimed Nik Software Collection (that was eventually acquired by Google) is now available as a completely free download for both Windows and Mac!…

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Fuji Find ~ P51 Mustang

Sometimes I have to work away from home and I always try and pack a camera, even though invariably it doesn’t get used.  This time however I discovered an old P51 Mustang that was being restored in the corner of an old hangar not far from the City of Bath.  …

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Time for a Tamron

For those of you who might not have considered using a 3rd party lens for your DSLR now might be the time to think again. Sigma recently produced its series of ‘Art’ lenses which offer premium optics to compete with high end lenses from the likes of Nikon and Canon.…

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Sony steps up ~ G Master and α7R II

So what’s up with Sony? This particular electronics giant seems to be revolutionising the camera world. Anybody who follows my blogs will know that I certainly appreciate technology moving forwards and as far as cameras are concerned I am a BIG fan of mirrorless DSLRs, they give us smaller camera bodies and a WYSIWYG method of exposure control through the viewfinder.…

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